Lady of the Balance, the Calm, the Order.
One of the Three, formed from Cold, currently wife of Rokan and mother of Always.

As she was once a Goddess of Order, she still retains a very aloof and controlled exterior. As matriarch of the Gods of the Volanyi, she forms the necessary counter to her husband’s overbearing nature. She is fragile in appearance, but her bearing and demeanour demonstrate the intense control she possesses. Despite being small in stature, her presence is commanding and powerful, drawing all attention to her. She routinely dresses in simple tunics and dresses, often with a cloak of soft fur, with no adornments, patterns or bright colours. She is refined and stoic, no emotion or gesture or expression out of place. Above all, she is a schemer, one who seeks to order the world according to her own plans, which are obviously the best for all concerned.

She is fond of her husband, but there is always the question of her true priorities. While she most certainly risked her life by journeying into Cold and confronting Ulyuq to gain the right to bond with Rokan, was it for love or because she worked out how to form the Balance, create Warmth and ultimately how to overthrow the dominion of Cold? The fact she does not show great displays of affection is no indication of her true feelings either, as the Lady of Balance is nothing if not totally controlled. Her giving Rokan’s daughter to the Lord of Frosts also suggests a certain uncaring facet of her nature.

It is certain, however, that she cares greatly for Always and she has made no secret she is grooming the Inevitable one to become ruler of the Tribe of Gods. Always has been trained and shaped her entire life to inherit the Chiefdom, and if Ankar thinks is at all in doubt, she betrays nothing of it.

Despite the suggestions she is callous, perhaps even cruel, she is always willing to listen to sensible advice, and usually believes caution and consideration the best paths to take. It was she that stilled her husband’s desire for war to follow Zyz’s suggestion of negotiation with the Kalakaq. She was surprised that Rokan would be so angered by the fact she did not support him. Was it not obvious the most logical and sensible way to proceed?

It is possible she hardened herself after the First Peoples she created were slain by the Kalakaq. The stories say she wept for their lives, and that spurred her to spend a year work out how to ensure that there would be more children.

Mostly she has been content to let Rokan have his way, while she has calmly ordered things in his wake. While she may not be of his Chaotic ways, she does not resent or hate them, and understands that they are Balanced. Some of him is in her and vice versa, and they should act and move as one.

She supports the Five, and sees quite clearly that they are the new leaders of the Tribe. But that does not stop her from deciding the ways that the new order should work, and moving to make sure the Five lead in the way she thinks is best for all.


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