Ix, God of the Wild

His is the forest unending, his is the wild untamed, his is the madness of men, his is the fury and flame
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Current Stats

Duty d12 If I am not wild, mankind will weaken and die
Glory d8 Respect my name and my duties
Justice d4 Even the wild has a kind of law
Love d4 Love destroyed my father, it will not destroy me
Power d10 Obey me, or I will teach you fear
Truth d4 What matters is what people believe is true

Always d8 needs my protection and guidance
Aristeia d6 has a wild heart like mine, and I find that alluring
Korak d8 got all the breaks, and I got none
Smith d6 I resent because we are so alike, and we shouldn’t be

Rokan d6 I stole his essence because ultimately, he is weak
Ankar d6 knows the score on everything
Zyz d8 threw his life away foolishly
Lika d4 has also thrown her life away to a fool
Anehute Silent-Bear, Master of the Pit d8 is my trusted mortal ally

Destructive d10
Creative d6
Savage d4

The Forest Infinite (Secrecy, Traps) 2d12
The Endless Plain (Commanding Attention, Gathering Gossip) 2d6


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