Also known as the Rimeblood.

Colossal avatars and servants of Cold, the Kalakaq are primal creatures older than the Gods. The stories suggest they were the size of mountains, were aggressive and thought nothing of eating people. They were said to be able to control ice and chills, were incredibly strong and tough, and deeply hate the Gods. Their ruler was the mighty Chieftain Ulyuq, the Lord of Frosts. They are usually depicted as having blue-tinged skin, animal-like faces, and enormous ram’s horns.

They initially ignored the Gods when they formed, but found the creation of the Land and its colonisation by the First Peoples abhorrent. They slew the First Peoples in their anger and attempted to destroy as much of the Land as possible. They could not affect the Sky as they could not reach it.

Ankar, frightened of the Kalakaq, still approached Ulyuq to gain permission to create more children, promising to give him what he desired most in exchange. By giving Ulyuq the time and place she would be most vulnerable, Ankar gave Ulyuq Aristeia which he kidnapped and took into Cold to abuse for many years. A Rimeblood named Teyamaq was assigned to guard her, and he took pity on her and tried as best he could to look after her and ensure the Chieftain’s visits would not be often or long.

This allowed Ankar to unite with Rokan and create Warmth along with a new Land. This hideous presence that pushed back Cold finally angered the Rimeblood sufficiently for them to march out to confront the Three. The young Korak spat at Ulyuq and would have been killed instantly. But the sudden intrusion allowed full war to be averted, with the Three agreeing to surrender Korak to the Rimeblood and permit Cold to come to the new Land every year so that Warmth would not dominate.

When Korak escaped with Aristeia, the Rimeblood simply made the yearly vists worse and worse in order to punish the Gods. This led shortly afterwards to the Gods invading Cold and seeking to destroy the Kalakaq. The mighty war raged for years until eventually even Ulyuq was finally defeated and was taken back into Cold.

Smith later lured Ulyuq out of Cold and tricked him into the Pit. Apart from this, the Kalakaq have been dormant since the attack on Cold. With no mighty Chieftain to lead them, so few of them remaining and weakened with so much Warmth in the world, they have stayed in Cold, far to the north. However, they say that should Ulyuq escape the Pit, the Kalakaq would flock to him and revenge on the Gods would not be far off.


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