Screen captureLord of the Balance, the Tumult, the Chaos.

One of the Three, formed from Cold, currently husband of Ankar and father of Aristeia and Always.

Although he is now Lord of the Balance, he was once a God of Chaos and disorder and he carries that with him still. He is loud, tempestuous and overbearing, making some wonder what he must have been like before the union with Ankar. He is tall, and very broad, with a thick black beard and moustache, deep set black eyes, a heavy brow, and a huge mane of black hair that falls about his shoulders. Often dressed in thick furs over a finely detailed leather jerkin, Rokan does nothing by halves. His Chaos is that of raw energy, the colossal crash of the avalanche that cares little where it goes or what it hits.

He is supremely devoted to his wife, and thinks the world of her. She is the perfect partner who helped create the Land, the extremely clever woman who worked out that joining with him would create Warmth and lead to the Balance that betters both of them, and who knows how best to bring up their pride and joy, their daughter Always.

Unfortunately, he does not know of the deal that was struck between her and Ulyuq, Chieftain of the Kalakaq. He does not suspect that she gave his beautiful Aristeia to the Lord of Frosts to be tortured and abused, and there is no telling what will happen should he find out. Admittedly, he does not love Aristeia as much as Always, perhaps because she was created by him when he was a different man, but he still has pride in her. And if there is one thing that angers Rokan it is betrayal.

He has long distrusted Zyz and was suspicious of him ever since he felt that Zyz was stealing away the First Peoples that he had made. When the Kalakaq threatened, Rokan counselled war while Zyz counselled negotiation, and the fact that Ankar did not side with her husband angered him further.

It was the theft of some of his primal Chaotic essence while he was asleep on the Endless Plain that finally led Rokan to accuse Zyz, knowing that he had been the only one in the tent with him. Zyz had actually seen his son, Ix, sneak inside in the guise of a fox but out of loyalty did not implicate him. So he said nothing. In a rage, Rokan banished him from Godhome, and gifted part of the essence to his daughter, making Always also Goddess of Death.

Rokan’s forthright ways and hatred of the Kalakaq found favour in young Korak, and as a gift for rescuing his daughter, Rokan gave him the Brass Palace. This was fashioned in Metal in order to spite Zyz.

When Zyz was banished, Korak declared his loyalty to Rokan and fought his father to throw him from Godhome. This pleased Rokan greatly, and they often fought side-by-side when they warred upon the Rimeblood. It was these two who were eventually able to defeat Ulyuq when all the others had retreated or fallen.

Now Rokan presides at the Endless Plain with Ankar, both attempting to act as harmonious agents of Balance. However, the quiet since the Kalakaq were defeated is beginning to gnaw away at the elements of calm his union had granted him. Perhaps there is more Chaos in him than people suspect.


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