Pantheon is a TV drama series based on the old Volanyi Gods and mythology. Much like the stories, the Gods bicker and fight and manipulate the mortal realm to pursue their goals. The show focuses on the most familiar Volanyi Gods and stories, and started airing to much fanfare in 2012.

Always, Goddess of Love and Death – Helga
Aristeia, Goddess of the Sky and All It Contains – Liz
Ix, God of the Wild – Steve
Korak, God of War – Marselan
Smith, God of Manipulation – Don

Directed by Gareth

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A rough first cut of the opening titles has been found in an archive!:
Pantheon Opening Titles – Early Draft

(Pantheon is a Smallville game adapted to Gods, and an entire world, mythology, culture, and history was created just as part of the character generation process. The characters are the most important Gods to the Volanyi people, and their struggles, emotions, desires, hopes, despairs and victories all shape the culture of an entire mortal world.)

Location shots of places in the Pantheon world


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