Episode 1×1 – Pilot

Plot Summary

Rokan and Ankar address the Tribe of Gods at the Endless Plain, announcing the fact that their powers are waning and it will be soon time to move on. Always and Korak are named the obvious successors to lead the Five and the rest of the Gods. However, the camera passes over the assembly and none of the Five are present.

In the mighty Brass Palace, upon the brass throne in his war hall, Korak broods. His reverie is interrupted by one of his attendants (gifted warriors who died in battle and were gifted to him by Always). It appears his consort is at the gates, and so the God of War rises to meet her.

At the gates, a handmaiden of Always (those who died in childbirth) mentions her fear of Korak. She is calmed perfunctorily by her mistress as her betrothed approaches.

After an awkward greeting, the handmaidens are led away to relax and eat a meal while the two betrothed walk up the steps toward the Palace. In an attempt to calm her fiance, Always changes her appearance to Korak’s perfect mate. This unnerves the mighty warrior, as does her talk of the marriage and settling into the Palace.

In the Forest Infinite, a disgruntled Ix stalks, finding no pleasure in the swift consumption of a bird. Ankar comes to him and despite the initial distrust between Order and the Wild, Ix is willing to hear her. She tells him she does not feel Korak is fit for her daughter, and that Always should rule alone. Ix’s jealousy toward his brother and his strong over-protectiveness toward the Goddess of Love and Death welcome the opportunity to hamper Korak’s ability to become Chief, and they shake on it. Ankar’s suggestion of a gift or reward is met with his request she convince the Sky to be on his side…

Meanwhile, Zyz meets with Smith in Toleken beneath the earth. Smith has heard of the announcement and brings the news to the banished God of the Afterlife. He suggests that a new order should be more properly new, and that the old order should be swept away. And as part of that there is the possibility of bringing back those who have been discarded. Zyz knows what Smith plans to do, and begs him not to make it personal toward the son that he still loves. Smith’s cunning fails to convince Zyz, but he surprisingly makes an oath that if he humiliates or harms Korak he will surrender the token he took from the God of War, thus giving up his Godhood.

Above the Land, Aristeia organises clouds in the company of Teyamaq who brings up the recent announcement by the Balance. She is annoyed that Always once again gets favour over her, but concedes that Korak deserves the honour. When Teyamaq points out that her peers an friends don’t really know her as she is spending too much time in the Sky, Aristeia is eventually persuaded that visiting her once-rescuer to bestow congratulations would be a good thing, although Teyamaq obviously has his own agenda for visiting. Aristeia’s eagerness at also possibly seeing Ix causes her to hurry and they leave the sky together.

On a balcony of brass overlooking the limitless stretch of the Forest Infinite, Always and Korak settle down to an intimate meal together. After a little awkwardness, the discussion turns to the future, and Always confirms that her father’s wisdom in moving on is in no doubt, and she personally intends to reforge the Balance with Korak. When Korak indicates he is willing to do what is necessary, despite intending to somehow rid himself of a wedding and rule alone, Always then mentions the need to distance themselves and retreat from the “Second Peoples”. As mother and father have done this, she sees it as a requirement of the Balance. It is clear Korak doesn’t want to abandon the mortals and reminds Always that they are not her parents. Always believes that if they are to be Balance, they should be. And that perhaps there may need to be a Third People…

The doors get thrown open and the God of the Wild marches in, and insists that any discussion that affects the Five needs to be discussed with the Five rather than behind closed doors. Dropping back to her normal impassive features, Always asserts that no discussion about the Five was taking place. This is not believed by the incredulous Ix, who then elects to ignore the subtle hint and readily takes Korak’s through-gritted-teeth invitation to join them, placing his muddied feet on the table and accepting the meal served by Korak’s attendants.

Ix forcefully suggests that the union between Always and Korak is not destined, and that if there is a new order to happen, any old order’s choices have no need to be kept. He even goes so far as to ask why Korak should be sole choice of partner to Always, or Always be the bride of Korak, when there are others in Godhome that may be better suited and nothing is written that cannot be unwritten. Always asks if there is a better way, and when Ix cannot provide one but insist that things don’t have to always be done the same way, Always says that he should trust her and Korak to do the best. And Ix replies that there is no reason for trust and that, again, it should be discussed by all of the Five.

The doors get thrown open and Aristeia and Teyamaq enter. Korak and Always welcome them to the table, and the slight frost between the Sky and Love and Death is noticeable. Pleasantries are exchanged, including congratulations to the presumably soon-to-be new Lord and Lady of Balance, only to be interrupted by Ix’s point that they may not be the best possible match for each other. Always and Korak are quick to say the Wild is wrong, but Teyamaq insists he’d like to hear why Korak should not marry.

An attendant arrives and indicates that Lord Rokan wishes to see Korak, and the God of War excuses himself before he can hear Ix’s words. Ix attempts to use his force of personality to suggest to Always the wisdom of other possibilities from the man who just left, and of not simply going along with what has been fated in the past. But the daughter of Balance does not understand how someone could even think that the Balance could be wrong in their decisions, so lets him politely know that she has heard his words and that they will discuss it in private. Ix is angered by the fact that the lady he seeks to protect has now dismissed him, and spends the rest of the family dinner in a sulk.

Summoning one of her handmaidens, Always asks her to invite Smith, only to have her remove her mask to reveal the God of Manipulation himself (the doors are not thrown open). He joins them at the dinner, to Aristeia’s delight. Smith, disliking siding with the God of the Wild, does admit to Always that he believes him to be right and that there is no necessity to continue the Old if the New is on the horizon.

In the tower Korak meets with the Lord of the Balance, who tells him of his pride in his “son” and that he is greatly pleased with the way he has treated her daughter. He further explains that he is sure he has made the right decision and that he will rule well after he and Ankar move on. But he brings a caveat, telling Korak that he cannot rule without the approval of his fellow Gods, his peers of the Five. Although he does say that he can understand if Korak doesn’t feel some of his peers worthy, and that some elements may need to be removed, reminding the God of War of his father’s banishment. Korak hints at his desire to ignore Smith’s opinions, and Rokan does indicate that although he could be removed, it would be wiser to spare the feelings of others and court his approval. Korak suggests that he wishes to take back what was once his, and Rokan indicates that should that happen, the Smith would no longer be a God and thus his opinions would not matter. Before leaving, the Lord of the Balance makes Korak promise to look after Aristeia, see no harm comes to her, and keep an eye on Teyamaq, as Rokan still does not trust the Kalakaq.

Korak returns to the dinner and calls on his brother, Smith and Aristeia to all join together and support their union. Ix refuses to join the toast and pointedly leaves the room, Smith following him out.

As Korak reassures Aristeia that there is nothing to worry about, we see Ix standing before the throne of brass. Smith approaches him and admits he cannot stand sitting opposite Korak. Despite their differences, and differences in their agreement, they both agree that Korak is not the best individual to rule the Tribe and that the marriage should be foiled. They shake on an alliance to prevent Korak’s ascension.

Tag Scenes:

Ix meets Ankar in the Forest Infinite, smiling.

Always goes to a house, and the door is answered by Dorabus shaking his head. The camera pans to show Smith a little way off, concealed, looking intrigued and holding a mysterious box.

Always asks Aristeia to bring anything of importance to her attention, and then asks, What can you tell me about Skoh?

Korak stands on the balcony of the Brass Palace, staring down at the Forest Infinite, sharpening his korix.


And finally we are returned to Zyz’s house in Toleken where he turns and hands a bowl to Lika and asks, “Why do you want to go back to him?”


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